Sound-emitting and collecting apparatus



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a sound-emitting and collecting apparatus which correctly detects the direction of utterer, without being influenced by wraparound sounds. SOLUTION: A signal difference circuit 191 generates difference signals MS1 to MS4 differentiating the sound collecting beam signals of a symmetric relation. A BPF 192, a full-wave rectifying circuit 193A and a peak-detecting circuit 194A conduct a peak detection of the difference signals MS1 to MS4, and a level comparator 195A selectively designates the difference signal MS, having the highest signal level. A signal-selecting circuit 196 selects the sound-collecting beam signals MB1x and MB2x of the difference signal MS, based on the designation. A HPF 197 generates high-pass processing signals of the sound collecting beam signals MB1x and MB2x. The full-wave rectifying circuit 193B and the peak-detecting circuit 194B conduct peak detection of the high-pass processing signals, and the level comparator 195B selectively designates the high-pass processing signal having a high signal level, that is, the sound-collecting beam signal MBax. The signal-selecting circuit 198 outputs the sound-collecting beam signal MBax, based on this designation. COPYRIGHT: (C)2007,JPO&INPIT
【課題】回り込み音声に影響されず発話者方向を正確に検出する放収音装置を提供する。 【解決手段】信号差分回路191は対称関係の収音ビーム信号を差分した差分信号MS1〜MS4を生成する。BPF192,全波整流回路193A、ピーク検出回路194Aは差分信号MS1〜MS4のピーク検出を行い、レベル比較器195Aは最も信号レベルの高い差分信号MSを選択指定する。信号選択回路196はこの指定に基づく差分信号MSの収音ビーム信号MB1x、MB2xを選択する。HPF197は収音ビーム信号MB1x、MB2xのハイパス処理信号を生成する。全波整流回路193B、ピーク検出回路194Bはハイパス処理信号のピーク検出を行い、レベル比較器195Bは信号レベルの高いハイパス処理信号すなわち収音ビーム信号MBaxを選択指定する。信号選択回路198はこの指定に基づく収音ビーム信号MBaxを出力する。 【選択図】図3




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