Steel tube winding packaging machine



The utility model relates to a steel tube winding packaging machine which comprises a framework panel (1) erected on a framework, wherein a driving wheel (3) and a plurality of positioning wheels (4) are arranged on the framework panel (1); the driving wheel (3) is driven by a motor fixed on the framework; the driving wheel (3) and the positioning wheels (4) are annularly arranged; the outer ring surface of a rotating ring (2) is in tight contact with the driving wheel (3) and the positioning wheels (4); a feeding roller (5) and a plurality of clamping rollers (6) are arranged on the rotating ring (2); annular positioning clamping slots (2.1) are formed on the outer ring surface of the rotating ring (2); annular flanges correspondingly matched with the positioning clamping slots (2.1) are arranged on the wheel faces of the driving wheel (3) and the positioning wheels (4); and every two adjacent clamping rollers (6) are in tight contact with each other. The steel tube winding packaging machine is high in winding efficiency and good in winding effect.




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