Hyperspectral image processing method used for extracting calcite information



The invention relates to a hyperspectral image processing method used for extracting calcite information. The method includes preserving the wavebands having significant spectral signatures of calcite, extracting images the wavebands of which are at 1760 nm, 1775nm, 1940 nm, 2000 nm, 2030 nm, 2105 nm, 2150 nm, 2165 nm, 2180 nm, 2195 nm, 2330 nm, 2345 nm and 2390 nm, performing a series of determination and calculation, and calculating abundance values of the calcite in different zones in the image scope. The method can remove the wavebands without significant signatures, thus highlighting the spectral signatures of the calcite in an information extraction process, reducing influences of other ground features or noises, and reducing the amount of data to be processed. Through an IDL program, the method can achieve an objective of information extraction of final results by less manual operation, thus increasing the precision and the speed of calcite information extraction.




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