Coaxial terminal and coaxial terminal with coaxial cable



Provided is a coaxial terminal. Miniaturization of periphery of a terminal part of a housing can be achieved, a good noise characteristic of a coaxial cable can be kept, and a change of characteristic impedance can be restrained. A second connecting terminal (5) is arranged on the tail end of the coaxial cable (7) which covers external conductors (52) by using an external coating (53), and the external conductors (52) separated from a central conductor by insulators (50) are arranged surrounding the central conductor (51). The coaxial terminal comprises a pressure-welding coating reel part (44) which is welded on the external coating (3) of the coaxial cable (7) in a pressed manner; the coaxial terminal also comprises an external conductor pressure-welding reel part (45) which is welded on the external conductor (52) at the front end side of the pressure-welding coating reel part (44) in a pressed manner; the coaxial terminal further comprises a terminal internal conductor (56), a terminal external conductor (54), a terminal part (43) and a middle reel part (48); and at the front end side of the external conductor pressure-welding reel part (45), the terminal internal conductor (56) is connected with the central conductor (51), the terminal external conductor (54) is connected with the external conductor (52), and the terminal part (43) is connected with an opposite-side connecting terminal (102).




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