Production method of whole-grain fast-food nutritional porridge



The invention discloses a production method of whole-grain fast-food nutritional porridge. Whole grains are taken as raw materials; the purpose of balanced nutrition is achieved through preprocessing and grinding the raw materials and proportioning nutritional ingredients well; the whole-grain fast-food nutritional porridge is prepared by the processes of extruding for curing by a double-screw extruder, accurately controlling the gelatinization degree of starch in the raw materials, granulating for forming, pre-drying, roasting, and cooling. High viscosity of a porridge body during brewing is ensured by accurately controlling the gelatinization degree of the starch in the raw materials in the preparation process, so that any thickener or auxiliary material does not need to be added, the manually cooked porridge can be brewed with hot water without adding cured powdery materials, good granule shape can be kept after the porridge is brewed for 20 minutes, and the appearance and the mouth feel of the fast-food nutritional porridge can be equivalent to those of porridge cooked at home.




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