Special composite bone crusher and application thereof in spine surgery



The invention discloses a special composite bone crusher in spine surgery. The bone crusher comprises a shell, a controller, a power device, a transmission plane, fixing pieces, a core work group and a container; the core work group is divided into a saw blade work group, a wiping knife work group and a millstone work group; the special composite bone crusher is characterized in that the shell is square and is provided with a top cover at the upper part; the controller is arranged at the side surface of the controller; the fixing pieces are divided into a front fixing piece and a side surface fixing piece; the saw blade work group comprises a vertical saw blade rotary rod, a horizontal saw blade rotary rod and a vertical cutter and can machine bar-like and granulous crushed bone; the wiping knife work group comprises a vertical saw blade rotary rod and a horizontal wiping knife rotary rod and can machine piece-like crushed bone; the millstone work group only comprises a horizontal millstone rotary rod and can machine powdery crushed bone. The machining process is intelligent, the operation is simple, crushed bone of different shapes can be machined, the use range is increased, and each rotary rod is simple to disassemble and replace and can be taken out for high temperature sterilization.




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