Integrated interrogation desk



The invention discloses an integrated interrogation desk comprising a desk body, a displayer lift, a first displayer, a camera, a sound pick-up, a synchronous audio and video recording mainframe, a second displayer, a keyboard, a computer mainframe and an interface panel. The desk body comprises a desk top, side retaining plates and a front retaining plate. The side retaining plates are arranged on two sides of the desk top, and the front retaining plate is arranged on the front side of the desk top. The side retaining plates and the front retaining plate jointly form an accommodating space. A first cabinet and a second cabinet are arranged in the accommodating space. A keyboard carrier is arranged at the bottom of the desk top. A boss with an oblique side wall is arranged on the desk top. The desk top is further provided with a first groove and a first displayer lifting window. Various interrogation devices as required during interrogation are effectively integrated on the desk to realize integrated design, connecting lines among the interrogation devices are hidden in the desk top and interfaces as required are provided on the desk top to guarantee cleanness and orderliness of the desk top, and accordingly, working efficiency of interrogation personnel is improved.




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