Variable range sprinkling controller for lawn sprinklers



The invention belongs to variable range sprinkling controllers for spray irrigation systems and particularly relates to a controller which enables lawn sprinklers to sprinkle in variable ranges by microprocessor technology. The controller comprises a power module, an input module, a microprocessor module and an output module. The power module powers the input module, the microprocessor module and the output module. The input module receives and converts external data and signals into signals to be received by a microprocessor. The microprocessor processes according to the signals and data of the input module and transmits the processing results to the output module. The output module converts the signals into external receivable signals. The controller controls a frequency converter to operate so as to enable the lawn sprinklers to spray in variable ranges. The controller is small in size, low in cost, capable of functioning reliably, highly applicable, and easy to popularize and use.




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