Tobacco stalk cutter



The invention provides a tobacco stalk cutter, and relates to the field of tobacco manufacturing equipment. The tobacco stalk cutter comprises a support (1), a base (2), a sleeve (3), an opening cutter (4), a spiral cutter (5), a spiral press roller (6) and the like. A motor and a retarding mechanism (11) are mounted on the support (1), the spiral cutter (5) is mounted in an open groove (42) slantingly, then the entire opening cutter (4) is arranged in the sleeve (3), the opening cutter (4) rotates positively, and the spiral cutter (5) is driven by a transmission helical gear (52) to rotate reversely. The tobacco stalk cutter adopts the cutting mode of '[opening and peeling', the requirements on the form and size of the tobacco stalk are met, the tobacco stalk becomes loose in the opening process, good burning performance of the tobacco stalk is guaranteed, the technical effect of large scale addition is achieved, the utilization rate of tobacco raw materials is increased, and the purposes of alleviating the conflict between grain and tobacco and guaranteeing the supply of cigarette manufacturing raw materials are achieved.




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