Multifunctional networking all-weather intelligent video monitoring system



The invention discloses a multifunctional networking all-weather intelligent video monitoring system and relates to the fields such as computer vision, image video processing and artificial intelligence. The multifunctional networking all-weather intelligent video monitoring system solves the problems that an existing monitoring system can not conduct an intelligent video analysis so that the existing monitoring system can not complete intelligent video monitoring on a scene. An image enhancement algorithm and a laser active lighting technology of a partial differential equation are adopted to achieve all-weather monitoring, an FPGA and a DSP are used by the system as a core processor, and the system achieves multiple functions, such as single-target tracking, people counting, remnant detection, a multi-target automatic tracking, compressed video storage and automatic abnormal alarm due to the facts that a plurality of intelligent video analysis technologies are adopted, and video images collected by a front-end infrared CCD are processed. An efficient network data transmission mechanism is adopted by the system, and networking intelligent video monitoring is achieved.




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