Method for continuously preparing activated clay



The invention discloses a method for continuously preparing activated clay. The method comprises the following steps of: (1) metering bentonite, and adding the bentonite into a slurrying system to prepare original slurry; (2) conveying the original slurry to an activation system to prepare activated slurry; (3) conveying the activated slurry to an acid distribution system, performing filter pressing and deacidification, and then dispersing the activated slurry; (4) conveying the dispersed slurry to a rinsing system through a pipeline; (5) conveying slurry which is rinsed for three times to a filter pressing system through a pipeline, and conveying a filter cake which is obtained by filter pressing to a drying system through a conveying belt; (6) drying activated clay in the drying system; and (7) conveying the dried activated clay to a milling system through a pipeline, milling the activated clay through a Raymond mill, and then collecting the milled activated clay through a cyclone separator. According to the method, the environment pollution is reduced to a great extent in a continuous and mechanical manner. The flowing dust pollution and the emission of waste acid and boiling water are eliminated almost. The method is an industrial production method capable of realizing the recycling economy.




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