Rolling brush type snow removing device with self-provided power



The invention discloses a rolling brush type snow removing device with self-provided power, which mainly comprises a rolling brush front support, a rolling brush assembly, a rolling brush main frame, a lifting hydraulic cylinder, a hanger, a transmission shaft, a deflecting hydraulic cylinder, a speed changer, a clutch, an engine, a main beam bogie and the like; and the vertical movement of lifting and falling of the front parts of the rolling brush assembly, the main beam bogie and other components is realized through the actions of the lifting hydraulic cylinder, and the angle of the rolling brush assembly in the horizontal direction is changed through adjusting the deflecting hydraulic cylinder. The independent engine is used for providing powder, the vehicle modification is not required, the provided hydraulic system does not affect the service performance of the original vehicle, the rolling brush type snow removing device can be hung in any vehicle through the hanger when in use, different models are selected according to the type, model and cleaning width of the vehicle, and the rolling brush type snow removing device is compact in overall structure, low in complete machine cost and high in snow removing efficiency, convenient to repair and maintain during the using process, set aside when not in use, and achieves the purpose of scientific and reasonable technical scheme.




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