Multilayer coil paper filter tip cigarette with flame retardant function



The invention relate to a multilayer coil paper filter tip cigarette with a flame retardant function, and the multilayer coil paper filter tip cigarette comprises a cigarette and a filter tip bar, wherein molding paper is wrapped outside a fibre round bar body in the filter tip bar, tipping paper is wrapped outside the joint of the cigarette and the filter tip bar, and the middle of the cigarette is a raw material tobacco. The multilayer coil paper filter tip cigarette is characterized in that outer-layer coil paper, flame-retardant coil paper and slice coil paper are wrapped on the cigarette in sequence from the outer layer, wherein the degrees of aeration of the outer-layer coil paper, the slice coil paper and the flame-retardant coil paper are respectively 50-70CU, 70-300CU and less than 5CU, the slice coil paper is prepared from tobacco fragments, tobacco stalks, dendranthema indicum stems and leaves, fenugreek, Chinese date, licorice, stevia rebaudiana, iris tectorum and peanut shell by using a papermaking method, and during the preparation process using the papermaking method, fenugreek, Chinese date, dendranthema indicum stems and leaves, licorice, peanut shell, stevia rebaudiana and iris tectorum, which respectively account for 0-15%,5-15%,1-15%,6-25%,0-25%,1-10% and 0-10% of the total weight of the tobacco fragments and the tobacco stalks, are added. According to the invention, the defects that a slice has strong stimulus, serious wood smell, poor compatibility with tobacco and the like are effectively improved, the aroma and tactile sensation of the cigarette are preserved, and the interior quality of the cigarette is improved.




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