Electric connecting device for beverage bottle and beverage dispenser



The invention discloses an electric connecting device for a beverage bottle. The electric connecting device comprises a fixed rack, a driving gear, a driven gear, a motor, an external thread lifting pipe and a beverage bottle sealing gland, wherein the fixed rack is fixedly connected with a water dispenser body; the driving gear is arranged on the fixed rack and can rotate relative to the fixed rack; the driven gear is engaged with the driving gear and can rotate together with the driving gear; an internal thread through hole is formed in the axial center of the driven gear; the motor is arranged on the fixed rack and connected with the driving gear, and provides rotating power for the driving gear; the external thread lifting pipe is inserted into the internal thread through hole and is in thread fit with the internal thread through hole; and the beverage bottle sealing gland is arranged at one end of the external thread lifting pipe and communicated with the external thread lifting pipe. The electric connecting device for the beverage bottle and a beverage dispenser are simple in structure and low in cost, the beverage bottle is convenient to replace and sanitary, and the drinking water is safe.




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