Transmission drive unit



The invention relates to a transmission drive unit (10; 40; 50; 70) having an adapter element made of plastic (22; 22a; 53; 73) via which a torque is initiated by an input element (29) and a drive element (12; 12a; 51; 72) made of metal for forwarding the torque, wherein the adapter element (22; 22a; 53; 73) and the drive element (12; 12a; 51; 72) are directly coupled to one another and rigidly connected, wherein the adapter element (22; 22a; 53; 73) is an injection molded part which is formed by at least partial overmolding of the drive element (12; 12a; 51; 72) and wherein the drive element (12; 12a; 51; 72) serves as a bearing element.




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