Method for determining sulfur dioxide oxidation rate of selective catalytic reduction denitration catalyst



The invention relates to a method for determining a sulfur dioxide oxidation rate of a selective catalytic reduction denitration catalyst. The method is characterized by comprising the following steps of 1, controlling a temperature of a gas trap in a range of 85 to 95 DEG C, and connecting the gas trap to a boiler for flue gas trapping, wherein a gas absorption bottle is connected to the gas trap and a H2O2 solution for absorption of SO2 gas is placed in the gas absorption bottle, 2, starting a suction pump and sucking out flue gas in the boiler, 3, after sampling, flushing the flue gas trapped by the gas trap by a sulfuric acid solution having a pH value of 5 to 6, and collecting the solution obtained by flushing, wherein the H2O2 solution absorbs SO2 gas to form absorption liquid, 4, through a sodium borate solution, titrating the solution obtained by flushing until a pH value of the solution obtained by flushing reaches 5.5, and calculating the concentration SO3(ppm) of SO3, 5, analyzing the concentration of SO2 in the absorption liquid by a precipitation titration method, and 6, calculating an oxidation rate of SO2. The method can guarantee that water vapor in flue gas does not condense; SO2 does not react with oxygen and water vapor; and a measuring result is accurate.




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